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Arsenal legend calls Man United boss the best ‘ever’

Arsenal legend Tony Adams says Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is the best in the world.

Ahead of last night’s 2-2 draw, Adams was full of praise for the Portuguese.

“It’s a huge club,” Adams said of United on BT Sport.

“He’s still got a lot of players from previous managers. It takes time, it takes time to adjust.

“I think he’s the business. I think Mourinho’s the best in the game. Absolutely, without doubt.

“But he does seems to be struggling here for one reason or another.

“He’s always set his stall out, he gets a good defence, he gets a good goalkeeper, he had soldiers and he hasn’t found that here.

“Going back to his Real Madrid days, it was the first club that he’d been to where he didn’t get on with the players and it’s looking like it’s happening here.

“You speak to Inter Milan players, to Chelsea players that played under him, they love him, absolutely they would do anything for him.

“You speak to Real Madrid and a few Man United bits and pieces going on, there’s not that same affection.

“I think he’s really struggled to find a firm base here, defensively for sure.

“He’s not set his stall out and there’s no resilience, I see no resiliency at United.”


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