Arsenal sign new mega-million contract to use renewable energy at Emirates Stadium

Premier League giant Arsenal have signed an agreement with Octopus to allow their home ground Emirates Stadium to use renewable energy.

Arsenal’s recent use of renewable energy have saved a huge amounts of CO2 from being released freely into the atmosphere, as per reports. claim that the Emirates now relies on solar panels and recycling for its energy for Power.

Arsenal have apparently been trialling this for the last year, and have now reportedly saved 2.32 million kilograms of CO2 from being produced.

Everything will be powered from lighting to toilet flushing with renewable sources.

For those supporters of the Emirates club, who love the North London club but want to see them display some responsibility for the huge environmental impact football has on the globe, this news will be a welcome development.

There’s a lot of money, even more than enough money in the English Premier League for every Premier League team to make the investment just like Arsenal has done, and if the Gunners making the bold first step can lure more to follow their footstep then even better.

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