Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium Rated Worst in the Premier League by Fans

Fans of English Premiership sides have rated the Emirates Stadiums’ atmosphere as the joint-worst in the entire Premier League.

It’s hardly shocking considering the reputation the stadium has for being more or less a library, which was marginally funnier when the Gunners played at Highbury Stadium.

As a matter of fact, the Emirates Stadium scores 2.5/5 for the atmosphere it offers. Presumably not a lot of Arsenal fans voted or it probably may have been lower.

We are absolutely sure what visiting supporters have to complain about sincerely. Fine, the beer’s are not the best but the Stadium have really decent toilets.

Although we are unsure if not having to line up for half an hour for a pee really contributes to the overall atmosphere of the Stadium.

London rivals West Ham have the joint-worst atmosphere in the English Premier League, according to Premier League fans.

Manchester United’s Old Trafford scores 3/5, which is low considering their stadium has the highest number of seat allocation in the Premier league.

The Premier League Stadium with the best atmosphere according to fans is apparently Tottenham Hotspurs White Hart Lane. It seems like English Premier League fans love risking their life as they have Spurs gaff as 4/5 for atmosphere.

Swansea City’s Liberty Stadium is also 4/5 and Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium is 3.5/5.


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