BBC latest! Ex Arsenal player makes worrying revelation about Wenger

If Arsenal succeeds, it will be attributed to the efforts of Arsene Wenger and so, what ever the form of the team is, is largely his fault as he is the overall captain of the team, claims BBC pundit Danny Murphy.

Arsenal have suffered disappointing losses to Everton and Manchester City recently, but, unlike Ferguson, Wenger isn’t known for harshly criticising his own players, which is something that Murphy feels needs to change so that the Frenchman can create a fear factor amongst the squad.

Murphy wrote in his column for theLondon Evening Standard “If you are scared of how a manager will react to a defeat, it can improve your performance. I wonder if Arsene Wenger is getting as angry as he might do when Arsenal play badly.

“I spoke to Mikael Silvestre, who played under Wenger, on a radio programme. He said that even after a poor game, Wenger would not dig players out or get after them.

“Though I did not play for either manager, I would suggest Wenger’s anger is nothing like what Sir Alex Ferguson’s was. It wasn’t just Sir Alex, either. During my time at Liverpool, Gerard Houllier didn’t get angry very often — but when he did, you knew about it. It was the same with Roy Hodgson at Fulham.

“There is as much talent at Arsenal as at any Premier League club, so you have to ask whether their mindset is right. When they are leading, do they take their foot off the gas? Are their tactics correct? Most importantly, how much does the manager talk to his players about these things?

“Arsenal’s defeats at Everton and Manchester City were worrying. When they took the lead, why didn’t they play at the same tempo? Were they scared of having the lead?

“You have to ask whether Wenger is capable of doing what Jose Mourinho did for many years. If Mourinho’s team were leading, he’d have no problem replacing an attacking player with a defensive one. He would think, ‘just get the game won… who cares how it looks?’


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