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Breaking: Aaron Ramsey breaks ‘best’ news of the week

Aaron Ramsey may not be an Arsenal player much longer but the midfielder confirmed that he will never leave the club to join Tottenham.

Aaron Ramsey finds himself in something of a limbo as he makes a decision on his future, but we now know wherever he ends up, it won’t be in N17 despite some Spurs fans wanting ‘revenge’ for Arsenal signing Sol Campbell 17 years ago.

Asked if he would ever join Tottenham, Ramsey simply said “No!,” before adding, “I was captain [against Sporting]. I’m delighted with that. The boss has named me one of the five captains so I have an important part to play in the dressing room.

“I had the opportunity to captain the team tonight which is always a privilege, to captain this football club. Hopefully, there will be a few more opportunities.”

Arsenal withdrew Ramsey’s contract offer earlier in the season and the Welshman also admitted he isn’t entirely sure why that happened. Perhaps he should speak to his agents about the matter.

“Hopefully somebody will come up and tell me why [the offer was withdrawn],” Ramsey said.

“I’ll accept that if there’s a reason. When the time is right, I probably will find out but that hasn’t happened yet.

“There is no contract on the table at the moment so there is nothing for me to consider or whatever. We all know that the contract was taken away off the table. I’m not sure exactly why because a few weeks before we sort of agreed and I was ready to sign.”


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  1. mahmoud Kamara | October 30, 2018 at 15:33 | Reply

    I do not want our club Arsenal to lose Aaron Ramsey at all. Let the team management see reason and renew talk with his agent so that he can sign for the team. Again Aaron Ramsey himself should realized that no matter how player is powerful at Arsenal, the sooner you leave the club, your performance and value will drop considerably.
    Please let him think twice I do not need to remind him about the recent departures from our team (Arsenal)

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