Lacazette shocked with Refereeing decisions in the Premier League

Arsenal star striker Alexandre Lacazette says refereeing decisions shocked him so much when watching back English Premier League matches.

One thing that the striker has been praised for is his ability to reflect intelligently on his previous outings and figure out ways where he can improve.

This ability is something the striker is continuing to try and do since joining Arsene Wenger’s side, as he informed SFR Sport (via Daily Star): “I [Lacazette] am watching quite a few games to understand English football [Premier League football], I [Lacazette] am watching quite a lot of my games with the Gunners and when I [Lacazette] look back and see what I [Lacazette] didn’t do right, I [Lacazette] try to learn from my mistakes. Which hopefully helps my progression.”

It’s good to hear that a footballer is willing to go back and examine his game, so as to improve.

Also, getting to undestand better how the Premier League referees officiate games is helpful, expecially for a new player as it allows the player to figure out how best to push the boundaries on the pitch of play.

It helps to know when to go for the ball without being penalized, and when not to go on the ground because you’ll never get a spot kick.

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