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We love Arsenal so we give you the latest happenings in the club.

We are not in anyway connected to Arsenal Football Club but we provide you with the latest news, transfers, commentaries, gists and rumours.

We are simply Arsenal Bloggers

To contact us, send an email to boluwajiogunmola@gmail.com

3 Comments on "About and Contact"

  1. AKINSEYE OLADOTUN S. | August 24, 2014 at 05:20 | Reply

    I which him in Arsenal for better ending

  2. Sir am still waiting for your response on my application to write for your site

  3. Hello

    I came across your blog on twitter and i have been really impressed with the passionate and spirited way with which you seem to write each and every one of your blog posts . It was an excellent read and its always incredible to come across passionate bloggers like yourself

    My name is Soham from Bengal and i have a blog of my own – Arsedevils.com . Being an avid and passionate supporter of Arsenal all my life, having my blog was the best thing that i have done. Right now it is featured in Highbury Library, Just Arsenal Blogs, Footy Feed, E soccer directory, Uefa Directory namely.

    As you must know its really difficult getting your blog out on google and available for organic searches, quite a difficult task really. For that i was hoping if you could help me out a bit.

    I would love if you would have my blog featured on your proud website on your blog roll or recommended blog list as a link back to us so that we are able to reach out to a number of Arsenal supporters across the world. Doing so will surely mean the world to me and will greatly help me in my endeavour.

    Also if there is any other way you could help us out here in being more efficient by giving us a shout out on twitter or by giving us a citation on any of your articles with something similiar that we have written about that will he huge for us and and will surely do wonders for our work here. I really love the work you have been doing and helping us out a bit will work wonders in our efforts to become an influencer like your website.

    Ofcourse i will do the same and even put up an image link with your logo if you would provide me with the code snippet or we would gladly link back on any of our posts that we write with a citation back to you.

    The website URL is – http://arsedevils.com/

    Thankyou for taking the time to hear me out.


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